Just ask yourself – “Am I a cow?”

A strange question I know. And I expect if you’re reading this, the answer is most likely to be no (cows with Internet access are rare).


Then ask yourself if you’ve got and are you using all the tools and techniques your competitors are?

Then ask yourself the cow question again.

Cows follow each other.

They usually all end up in the same place.

It’s not a happy end.

Cows are gentle and docile. They tend to be followers, not leaders.

You can and should change the game, change the rules and change your direction.

It is usually, quicker, less costly and a good deal more effective to think differently about your approach to sales and marketing.

Here’s an insider tip: Your customers would be delighted if you brought them innovation

And another: Your competitors don’t know how to.

One more: Your customers don’t want you to ask them what keeps them awake at night – it really annoys them and doesn’t help them to tell you.

Oh go on then, just one more: Your competitors don’t know that…so they keep on asking that question….just like everyone else.

Re-think your customers likely problem for them. Re-design your approach to helping them address it, so that only you can deliver the solution.

…I’ve said too much already.

No point in telling the cows…..


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