How Can I Help You?

“Owen is quite simply one of the most impressive consultants I have ever seen. He brings energy, common sense and a full understanding of business issues to clients – a combination which delivers specific results, fast. 
If anyone is looking to bring him in to their organisation – don’t hesitate. Within a very short space of time you will be sitting thinking ‘why didn’t I bring him in sooner?’. An extremely valuable asset.” 

Cheryl Harding: MD and Business & Sales Transformation Specialist. 

How Can I Help You?

I work with business owners to help them solve their sales and marketing challenges.

It doesn’t matter whether that’s strategic initiatives like:

  • Growing the sales pipeline
  • Developing lead generation strategies
  • Opening new markets
  • Recruiting (or interim management of) the marketing and sales team
  • Developing marketing strategies
  • Auditing and evaluating existing approaches
  • Constructing market beating propositions

Managing and Driving New Projects:

  • Build a new website
  • Engage a new agency
  • Design a communications and lead generation programme
  • Launch a new product or service
  • Select a new supplier of vendor
  • Develop a customer engagement, retention and loyalty programme
  • Design an internal communications programme

Remedial work:

  • Fix my marketing!
  • Sort out my brochures and website!
  • Get my CRM or database in shape!
  • Get me sales team selling!
  • Get people talking about me!

Or more practical one off requirements:

  • Write my blog/brochure/website/email campaigns
  • Run an event
  • Design me a presentation
  • Help me with proposal
  • Carry out some research
  • Help me understand a new market
  • Get me up to speed with Digital and Social Media strategies
  • Join my team /department to help me…..

Equally, it doesn’t matter if you’re an agency (needing freelance or interim help) an enterprise organisation wanting an experienced pair of hands on a project or programme, an SME looking for a part-time expert to “take the pain away” or a start- up looking for a way to fast track growth.

Depending on your requirement I work on a fixed “project fee” (i.e you pay when I deliver) or a day rate basis (rate will vary depending on the level of input and length of engagement).

I can and do work on my own but I also have access to a large team of expert providers, market specialists and project managers.

I’ve worked with tiny start-ups, on an interim and part-time basis for growing companies and with multi-nationals on enormous projects.

I’ve got brilliant references coming out of my ears. You can see 33 of them on my LinkedIN profile.

You can also see more on my website.

What next?

Call or email me to agree an appointment. The first meeting is of course free. If I can’t help you I will tell you straightaway. If I can, I’ll let you know what I can do and what it will cost inside 48 hrs.

You’ve got very little to lose… call me on 07944 605352 or email me:


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