Bonkers or Not?..You decide…

So you’ve done your research. You know it’s “IT Managers” who buy your sort of product. You’ve got their postal and email address and even their phone number. You’ve invested in some great witty graphics – and a great new strap line. Of course you’ve got your “call to action” all worked out too. The database you have has 10,000 names on it and with that many on there you can’t fail, so off you go then – target circa £30M Okay?

You may laugh.

It’s a true example, spelled out to me only six months ago by a Sales VP of an organisation of some considerable stature. He had his head in his hands. He’s not there now.

I asked if this was the usual approach taken by his marketing department.

He laughed.

He said, “no”. “It’s the approach taken by the CEO”.

We all laughed.

They send out the campaign to 10,000 names.

What happens next?

A: They get enough responses and expressions of interest from qualified prospects to keep the team of 20 sales people busy on good opportunities for the next 3/6 months. The sales people follow-up and close in excess of 30% of the leads and everyone’s happy.

B: They get very few responses and certainly none of any quality. The sales people wonder what all the fuss was about and were getting on with making their number under their own steam/or not…as they had been for the last x years , marketing is busy planning the follow-up. The agency is fired because it was probably their fault and also it’s worth giving the database company a quick kick as well because they’re just rubbish anyway. We’re now a quarter behind, the market is none the wiser about the company, the company is still none the wiser about the market.

Answer: B.

What can the next step possibly be?

1. Do it again, only this time to more people, send it more than once (obviously), oh and get telemarketing on it this time – stupid. That will do it. With 20,000 names you can’t lose.

2. You decide…..




Getting Away with it – ness

There’s a lot of it about.

Look around you, in your industry, your competitors and perhaps in your company or even your office or department too.

There will be people who have largely “got away with it” for years. Decades even.

A few years ago no one noticed. That was because they could hide. Usually hiding meant doing the bit you were tasked with doing, only. So it didn’t matter if the marketing campaign didn’t actually make any money…they had “delivered it” and that bit was their job.

It didn’t matter if the customer service issue was actually and properly resolved, they’d passed on the message.

And from sales, it didn’t matter if in reaching their target they’d left a trail of carnage behind them, the cleaning up of which wiped out all margin and good will….because they’d hit their number.

Look out for these people. Point them out in public. It is your duty to do so. They are killing your business and jeopardizing your future.

If you are a sufferer. Wake up. The world can see you now….