Knowing when people will buy…that’s cool

Imagine if you could predict when a person or a group of people are likely to buy something. Or perhaps do something, specific. What if you could have a real-time view of how your company, your product or your offering was being received in the market right now. What if you could know when to place a trade or sign a deal or launch a new initiative.

What could you do with that information?

Put yourselves in the shoes of an online retailer looking to get one step ahead of the competition and achieve sales before anyone else.

Or a Global brand that wants to understand how it’s prospects and customers are likely to react to the launch of a new product or service.

How about a PLC or a Government body who wants to know how and when to make an announcement and then to understand immediately how it’s being received and specifically what people are doing about it.

Brands who want to see who the counterfeiters are, retailers who want to know where to place their next shop, or where and when to launch their latest product.

Better still what about an investor or trader looking for that critical few seconds head start on the market to place the right trade.

Cool isn’t it.

There are myriad tools out there today that offer some kind of “media monitoring”….but I think I may have stumbled across something very special indeed. Something I think could blow the market wide apart and certainly sets a new standard for helping organisations make decisions on real-time sentiment and intent data.

I’ll tell you about them because they’re new and interesting and very very clever and frankly, I think you deserve to know about them.

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