Consistently “out-smarting” the competition

You will no doubt have noticed that there are few prizes in the business world simply for trying hard. Organisations that are consistently out in front are those that plan to be, those that invest in being there and those who constantly re-evaluate what it takes to stay there.

Don’t think for one moment that getting ahead and staying there is the preserve of those with the deepest pockets and the greatest resources.

Very often vast organisations that invest $Ms in insight, knowledge and competitive data have absolutely no ability to capitalize on it. That doesn’t mean they’re stupid, it means they’re complex. It means that some one, somewhere in the company knows what the competition is up to (for example) or what the next emergent trend or driver is to impact the market, but that insight never reaches the places it needs to in order to deliver the killer blow. These organisations survive by critical mass.

Smaller organisations can and need to be smarter.

For smaller, more agile organisations who can act quickly on insight; real-time and rapid intelligence can be a huge competitive advantage and can be key to getting and staying ahead of the pack.

If you could have your own team of researchers working for you overnight – what competitive insight would you want them to deliver direct to your inbox by 7am the next day?

Here are some thoughts:

  • Competitor Wins and Activities
  • Customer¬†Intelligence
  • Market directions and trends
  • Product/Service/Technology changes
  • Prices/Competitor Pricing strategies
  • Deep dive analysis on a competitor, a customer set or similar

Let me know, I’d appreciate it and you never know your wish may well come true!