B2B Marketing – Wakey, Wakey….!

Top Tip:

Business to Business Marketeers. People who buy things from your company are people first, job role second, company representative third. Try communicating with them in that order, you may find you get more success.

Here’s the logic:

People may spend 8 hours a day at work but, in the main they do that so that they can spend more time outside work doing the things that make them happy. Beyond being an IT Director or an Admin Assistant, you may well find that the person with whom you want to interact is also a man or a woman. They may also have a long term partner, husband or wife or children. They may be really young or consider themselves middle aged or even old. They may be gay or straight, they might be a risk taker or risk averse. They may even have some aspirations and objectives they want to attain, like getting promoted, working abroad, raising happy healthy children, putting their children through private school, buying a posh car, being seen by their peers as being excellent, or by their boss as being indispensible or by their industry as a thought leader.

That’s a lot of things they might be or want before they consider themselves to be “the IT Director” .

If people buy from people, isn’t it about time we learned to communicate with each other like that?

B2B Marketing needs to wake up and smell the coffee before it becomes and anachronism.