Small Businesses need help with Digital Marketing

Too many small and medium-sized businesses (SME) run the risk of being left behind simply because they have no idea how or indeed if, they should be embracing things like content marketing, digital marketing and social media marketing.

Traditional and more established businesses and professions have resisted the temptation to get drawn in or to jump on what looks to be a bandwagon, but the truth is that today customers find, research and select the people and companies they choose more often than not based on some sort of internet research.

Sure that “internet research” might mean a simple Google search or a recommendation from a friend or colleague via Facebook or LinkedIN but it’s just as likely to mean reading a well placed and well written article on a subject they’re interested in.

With such a wealth of information, advice and opinion at their fingertips, prospective customers can arm themselves with product or service knowledge, supplier and price comparisons and pretty much everything the need to know to narrow down their search to just a few potential providers.

On that basis how would you or your organisation fare?

A well designed and consistently and competently executed Digital Marketing program will act like a magnet, positioning you in prospective customers’ minds and pulling informed and qualified buyers to your website.

It can be confusing. It looks like there’s a lot to learn, a lot to achieve and potentially even a lot of money to be wasted if you don’t know what you’re doing.

So where should you start?

Could you do it yourself and when is it right to outsource it to the professionals?

To help you address those very questions, I’ve teamed up with a technical and creative expert in the space, Rick O’Neil and together he and I have developed a completely free and entirely comprehensive on line course for anyone looking to develop their own digital marketing, content marketing or social media marketing program.

You can sign up for it here

For those who would prefer a workshop to discover what it all means and how to do it yourself, you can find it here

If you think “Sod it, life’s too short and I want the experts to do it” you can find the outsource option here

AND…if you really don’t know what you should do….here’s a ready reckoner to help you decide.

I hope it helps!


Knowing when people will buy…that’s cool

Imagine if you could predict when a person or a group of people are likely to buy something. Or perhaps do something, specific. What if you could have a real-time view of how your company, your product or your offering was being received in the market right now. What if you could know when to place a trade or sign a deal or launch a new initiative.

What could you do with that information?

Put yourselves in the shoes of an online retailer looking to get one step ahead of the competition and achieve sales before anyone else.

Or a Global brand that wants to understand how it’s prospects and customers are likely to react to the launch of a new product or service.

How about a PLC or a Government body who wants to know how and when to make an announcement and then to understand immediately how it’s being received and specifically what people are doing about it.

Brands who want to see who the counterfeiters are, retailers who want to know where to place their next shop, or where and when to launch their latest product.

Better still what about an investor or trader looking for that critical few seconds head start on the market to place the right trade.

Cool isn’t it.

There are myriad tools out there today that offer some kind of “media monitoring”….but I think I may have stumbled across something very special indeed. Something I think could blow the market wide apart and certainly sets a new standard for helping organisations make decisions on real-time sentiment and intent data.

I’ll tell you about them because they’re new and interesting and very very clever and frankly, I think you deserve to know about them.

Check out  or give me a call/drop me a line if you’d like to get connected or learn more..




Social Media is dead – Human Media anyone?

Look, let’s be clear, I’m not any more sure about all this than you are right now. I guess that’s why I’m writing or at least asking you about it anyway.

He’s the proposition (as it was put to me). Anyone who professes to know anything about Social Media will tell you that it works when it’s authentic. That means when it’s not contrived or PR led or structured….like propaganda. In my experience they’re right. Those for whom Social Media works best engage in two-way dialogues and discussions with groups of people with a common set of interests.

The “problem” with that is that we make Social Media work for us by using technology and tools such as Facebook, Twitter etc. These tools, typically “monetize” (how I loathe that word) and are constructed by controlling the way in which we engage, meet, discuss etc. So what?

So  that rather negates the authenticity point doesn’t it? In that any engagement is only as authentic as the controlled means by which we “do it”.

So what?

So as marketeers if we are controlling the way we communicate with people, them with us and them with each other, how “authentic” is the engagement we get from that and therefore how valuable and accurate and valid are the responses and insights we claim to gain as a result.

People know how Facebook and Twitter (et al) work. So they respond and engage in a way that demonstrates they understand the tool and how and why we’re using it….not perhaps how they actually feel or with what they really believe or want.

OK so you get the point. Social Media is a step en-route to something else, something more “authentic” and that I am told is Human Media.

Human Media is true “one to one” engagement which  is lead and determined by the individual and may then be fulfilled by the “brand” in a way which may well still include the technology platforms but is not led by them.

Bold, ambitious and very much part of the Zeitgeist……but is it a reality and what does it or what could it mean for you as a person or as a company or brand looking to engage more deeply with your customer base?

Let me know what you think?

All the best. O