eMarketing – Dead or Alive?



I suspect you want a bit more than that.

So yes, email marketing does still work. At least it does if you do it well, just like it always did.

Here are some pointers:

  • People with decision making authority and budgets, rarely sit at laptops reading marketing mails. So how do you make sure they can read them on their mobile devices? : http://www.dma.org.uk/toolkit/how-optimise-emails-mobile thanks to www.extravision.com for the link.
  • If the first thing that pops up on your screen is a bunch of logos and advertising, smart people will know you’re selling something and switch off.
  • If people subscribe to hear more from you, that doesn’t mean every day or every five minutes. After the first three messages they will ignore you – beware eMail Marketing Company that emails me every day, I’m not listening and I stopped listening after your third promotion email in month… I now have a filter dedicated to you….
  • Treat people as humans not a data file. Write to them, don’t stick a poster in their face.
  • Email is only one tool. It’s great for lots of things but you need to speak to people and see them too. Too much email makes them go blind (!) to you and your message. Pick up the phone.
  • Want to get the attention of a really busy person? Send them a really short, really polite email. Then text them!
BTW: For my money the best B2B email marketing system on the market is still www.extravision.com check them out.

Bon Chance mes amis!




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