Avoiding the website project car crash

A word to the wise.

It is best to decide what it is you now do and for whom you now do it BEFORE to think about designing or commissioning a new website.

If you use the process of designing your new website as a means of defining your new strategy (!) it will cost you a fortune, take for ever and actually force you into compromising your strategic thinking.

In practical terms it usually gets compromised because every time you refine your strategy you have to re-think your site map and after a while people get bored of doing that and it drives the agency nuts and so you compromise just to get the website up.

And that’s nuts.

It happens all the time folks.

If you decide that your current site no longer reflects what you do, I suggest you invest some time in working out what it is you do and for whom you do it without any consideration for how a new site will look or work.

Only once you have that in place should you consider how you’re going to bring your perfectly crafted proposition to your beautifully defined target audience.