Talking Turkey – Scot Mckee

If you have a vested interest in the future commercial success of your business (and I hope you do), then you need to do the following:

1. Read this blog.

2. Buy this book.


1. Scot McKee is not a turkey. He just talks it. Straight down the line, in between the eyes or as he would say “right in the goolies”. 

Scot is a living, breathing, walking, talking and sometimes shouting example of why organisations that sell business to business need to get to grips with what a brand is and does and means and the implicit value of differentiation. I suspect most of you don’t know him (yet), but you should; and here’s why.

Scot helps businesses that sell to other businesses to realise, optimise and capitalise  on what it is about them that their customers come to know, trust and value. He helps organisations understand that what they are and have is a Brand and then he helps them develop and exploit the value of that brand in a way that is quite possibly unique in the B2B world.

What’s most interesting about him is that he does this in a way that makes perfectly logical sense to those who consider themselves “not marketing”. He talks in plain English (sometimes really plain English!), in commercial terms and he presents his approach in a manner that everyone around the boardroom table and across the company can understand and contribute to.

In today’s hyper connected world, when it is easy to get side-tracked and distracted by “new” and flash and cool stuff, Scot provides the perfect tonic and roadmap that makes it easy for business owners and leaders to understand and engage in.

If you’re in the B2B business, today I don’t think you have a choice about whether to engage in developing your “brand”, you’re already up to your neck in it, whether you know it or not.

If that’s the case you could do a great deal worse than checking out Scot McKee and his company BirdDog and….

2. buying his latest book: Creative B2B Branding (no, really). You can find it on Amazon here. (and for your reassurance) I am not on commission or doing the “affiliate” thing. I can just tell you that in the last 20+ years of working in this space, this is without question the clearest, most entertaining and pertinent explanation of what a Brand is and means to B2B AND what you can and should do about it. It’s highly irreverent (thank goodness) and provides  entirely practical and straightforward advice.

Of course you’ll find a lot of free and very entertaining stuff on his site and blog too.

Why am I telling you all this?

I like what Scot does and how he does it. It is rare to find someone so well differentiated and bold in their approach and I applaud him for both things. He also makes me laugh out loud…and that’s all together more important.