Be relevant – be specific – be quick about it

Check this out as a sales pitch:

“We are brilliant at IT. We’ve got loads of big customers and loads of staff and more offices than you. What ever you want or need when it comes to IT you should come to us because we’re brilliant. We are better than you at it. We are probably a bit better than our competitors (or at least we will try harder) and we have great brochures, oh by the way – what keeps you awake at night?”

Are you sold?

I didn’t think so.

This, however, is what 99% of the propositions customers hear sound like to them.

Well actually they really sound a bit more like “blah, blah, IT, blah, IT, blah, staff, blah, you, blah, blah, blah – same old question at the end”.

Not only do these sorts of propositions net very little and have little impact, they are also highly forgettable and what’s worse entirely interchange-able. So “you” could be anybody, from any company, with any product or service.

Assuming you want the end result of your conversation with a customer to net you a positive and enthusiastic next step, lock-out for your competitors and a ring-fenced and highly profitable opportunity for you, can I suggest you re-think how you’re presenting your proposition?

No one buys IT (insert your “thing”).

People are looking to achieve a desired outcome for themselves or for their business and they are looking for ways they can achieve that desired outcome as quickly, cost effectively and in as risk-free manner as possible.

The desired outcome is where their focus is, it’s where the budget sits and it’s where you will get their attention. 

People will pay the company who can help them achieve that outcome. 

Is that what you can do?

Is it?


Well tell them that then.

They don’t care about anything else.


If you’re really smart, you’ll also check out this article from HBR about the end of Solution Selling – it’s Gold Dust and it’s what I help companies do. 

To my total delight one of the sales people I asked to read it this week, did…and to his delight he put it into immediate use in front of a high value and high-profile prospect and it worked.

See – I do know what I’m talking about, honest.

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