London – GOLD! For Innovation.

I’m very lucky. I get to work with really innovative, inspirational and entrepreneurial people and ideas every day of the week. Some of the ideas that come across my virtual desk are just plain bonkers, others are just plain brilliant and there are a few that I can sense from the very outset are going to bring a lasting and fundamental change to the way we live and work.

Tom Ball is one of those entrepreneurial people and his latest initiative NearDesk is one which I think is breakthrough and you should take it very seriously indeed.

If you or your organisation has people who work in or near London you must by now be aware of the wonderful but chaotic sporting  event that is about to land on us this summer?

Transport for London are asking commuters to think again about coming into London at all over the period as the already overcrowded transport system looks set to implode and the roads leading into London and of course out to areas like Eton (rowing) etc are equally likely to be a nightmare.

The predicted figures are jaw-dropping and the anticipated delays and impact on business are nothing short of significant.

While there will be some who will be able to take holiday or easily work from home, it’s anticipated that there will be many for whom that’s simply not an option – kids on school holidays, shared accommodation, poor connectivity etc.

How are companies planning to cope with that?

Whole departments could be effected. What about the HSE regulations about people working from home if they’ve not done so before?

Tom however is not a man to sit back and let this opportunity for innovation pass him by. He’s pulled together an outstanding solution based on a simple and universal concept of being able to work NEAR home in properly designed facilities.

Sounds simple doesn’t it?

It is, but it’s beautifully executed and of course beyond the games this summer it is set to revitalise local communities, finding a home in libraries, schools unused public sector buildings and even pubs, clubs and restaurants. Mary Portas eat your heart out.

If there were an Olympic medal for innovation (and perhaps there should be) there’s no question that Mr Ball and his NearDesk solution would be on that podium and I dare say there’d be a chance of a gold there too.

Check it out and if you’re planning for the summer in London and keeping the lights on in your business, get in touch with them too!