Demand Generation – Building your business intelligently

I recently wrote an article for SureFire looking at what must be one of the most common issues for organisations of all sizes today – Demand Generation. I.e. generating new business opportunities.

It doesn’t really matter if you’re a multi-national or a small local business. Finding a way to generate consistent new business opportunities cost effectively is tough. The problem is that when business is thin on the ground everyone simply “turns up the volume” and invests every penny they’ve got in “shouting” louder than the competition in a bid to be heard.

Tempting though it might sound, it’s mug’s game.

There will always be someone with deeper pockets who can “out shout” you and can keep investing in doing that long after you’ve burnt through every penny you’ve got to spare.

So what are the options for an SME in today’s market:

1. Join the bun-fight, jump in with both feet and be prepared to lose all that you have.

2. Think differently, work on what you’re selling and to whom you’re trying to sell it. Make sure you’ve “innovated” around your product and service offering, look to optimise what you do currently and seek out those “blue ocean” opportunities where only you can play. Engineer your proposition so that you can respond to market and competitor challenges and take advantage of new opportunities as they present themselves.

If you engineer your proposition you will be able to out “market” and out “position” your competitors far more easily, quickly and cost effectively than if you simply try to “out shout them”. What’s more fun is they won’t have a clue how you’re doing it!

If you’re interested in learning how to do this, drop me a line. We’ve developed some tools and processes to help businesses do this rapidly, cost effectively and without the need for lots of expensive external consultancy. We even have a free, anonymous and no obligation trial assessment for those who are keen to explore it in more detail and you can find that here.¬†Why not try it out and get in touch to find out more…