Who are you trying to convince?

In today’s hyper-connected society we are beyond noise. As individuals we are already learning to filter out distractions and irrelevant information and there are new tools coming out everyday that help us filter our filters…(!) – Take a look at www.nimble.com for example, a very smart initiative that enables you to first aggregate your connections (of all flavors  and then filter them). It changes the way people like me work, research, think, reach-out and communicate. Strangely and rather brilliantly it means I am able to comfortably work and engage with ever-increasing volumes of data, resources and links and yet almost by the day, be more focused more informed and more in-depth.

So like most people I am one of those who will miss anything mass but will instantly engage with anything that is tightly aligned to my immediate needs interests or requirements.

In any one hour I can be working across any number of industries, be in and out of tens of news sources, drop in and out of myriad “conversations”, transact business with multiple clients, work in multiple guises and progress multiple projects…and still find time to comment on a funny Facebook post, update Twitter, accept another LinkedIn invite and maybe even speak to someone!

So what?

Well I am like most people today. We are all actually more focused than we’ve ever been. We are better at cutting out the noise than ever before.

So how do you actually reach, engage and convince decision makers today…if we all agree mass marketing is dead…how do you get focused?

Seth’s latest blog is (annoyingly as ever) spot on: Marketing is about Change

It’s really (really) tough to get businesses to move away from the perceived comfort of “doing lots of stuff”. Most will pay lip-service to the idea of niche focus but on the whole there is still huge fear about being the first person to suggest…doing a lot less….

Of course this is about being seen to fail, fear of missing “something”, fear of looking stupid.

Funny though…if you say “people buy from people” everyone will yawn and mention “Motherhood and Apple pie” …and yet few companies have worked out that perhaps that means we need to communicate with and to people rather than AT JOB ROLES  if we want them to buy….

I use the Business Model Generation /Canvas process a lot in my work and thinking. The Customer Empathy Map is part of that. You may find it useful too. Check it out here.