Great News!

No Seriously…

Isn’t it about time we started to see some positives? I have to admit I’ve been a doom monger for at least the last 4 years. That’s because I’ve been trying to get people/organisations to see that the world is changing and they needed to change too.

So I won’t say I told you so. Instead, here’s an uplifting and erudite article from the FT – If they say it, it must be true.  A guide to shaking off the doom and gloom – – Management

Don’t say I never you give you anything!

Bon Chance Mes Amis!




It’s just totally brilliant

I love Ted. It has the capacity to educate me, inspire me at the same time as making me realise how dumb I am and how much more there is to learn and indeed that I’d be interested in if I had more than 30 seconds free in any one day.

So I won’t waste your precious 30 seconds on my words, take a look at this chap and what he’s doing for kids, education and maths. Iwasn’t like that in my day, was it Mr Bashem!

Charged for running in the park

You’ll have heard, I’m sure, about the latest initiative from various councils to charge those people who use local parks as part of their personal training, yoga or  running business.

The apparent logic is that others have complained they are being pushed out….the currnet plan is £350 for individual one on one training or an annual licence of £1,200 for groups.

One group supporting it claims it will “ensure some kind of regulation”. Really? Why can’t that regulation apply at any venue?

It seems to me to be ironic that in the depth of recession and with a crumbling health service we should be keen to tax the entrepeneur trying to build new, “green” business and trying to better the health of the general population. 

So what about professional dog walkers, child minders, schools, football teams? 

What a shame we don’t celebrate those trying to make their way in difficult times, finding new ways to earn a living or indeed reward those who invest in their own health rather than adding to the health service burden.

Good grief Charlie Brown!

I’m getting old. I’ll be writing to the papers next.