Discounting? Product Creep? You’re in trouble…

A sure sign that things are “going south” is when sales people are discounting to get the deal or having to pad the proposition with all manner of “bolt on” add-ons in an attempt to differentiate.

How often is that happening in your organisation?

Marketing’s job is to maintain the margin by differentiation – really, that’s it.

Adding more stuff confuses the customers (and confused customers don’t buy) it also erodes the margin. Discounting is a mug’s game and it’s only a matter of time  before you’re out of the game all together.

If you spot any of these two things happening, you need to act fast.

Good old-fashioned marketing will do the trick…remember that?




One thought on “Discounting? Product Creep? You’re in trouble…

  1. You’re spot on with this Owen. To my mind such actions indicate a fundamental disconnect between marketing and sales, either that or just a lazy sales function. In far too many instances those at the coal face either fail to appreciate the true value of their proposition (or even understand it) or have a valid argument that the proposition is incomplete or poorly targeted.

    Any process that gives the management team a tool to ensure that the proposition is clearly defined, understood and differentiated will ensure that the sales team are presenting to the right prospects, at the right time and with a much greater chance of success.

    Now, I wonder where one might find that toolset?

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